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5 Interesting Facts About Flags

Flags go back in history way more than you think. People currently use flags when they’re celebrating freedom and when they’re cheering for their football team. Here are 5 interesting facts you didn’t know about flags.

  • Soldiers used flags and banners so their armies would know where the good guys are. In times of battle, things often got confusing.
  • The oldest flag in the world is the Danish flag. It’s been used in its current design since the 13th
  • Out of 192 flags in the world, the most common design is a combination of three colors.
  • Red is one of the most popular colors in flag designs. It symbolizes bravery, courage, love, and sometimes refers to the blood soldiers had to give for their homeland’s safety and independence.
  • The least common color is purple, only found in the flags of Nicaragua and Dominica. The dye was very expensive to extract from deep water snails and was used in flags after scientists were able to manufacture it.

Flags gather people for the love they share for their countries in times of peace and war.

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