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Groomsmen is a group of men that usually includes brothers or friends of the groom. These men work closely with the groom and his best man. It is a great honour to be a groomsman, and the groomsmen are required to perform their duties.
Groomsmen need to make themselves available for important tasks, such as getting fitted for their formal wear. They get to attend the bachelor party, and they are expected to help with the party and wedding preparations.

groomsman Responsibilities of Groomsmen

Groomsmen are also needed as moral support for the groom. They will assist the groom throughout the preparation and ceremony, and keep everything going on smoothly. On the big day itself, groomsmen may also act as ushers. They may help escort the bride and groom’s mothers, and also usher guests to their seats. They may also escort bridesmaids down the aisle.
The groomsmen need to attend all reh

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Organising a hen party is typically the duty of the maid of honour. Not to be confused with a bridal shower, a hen party or hen night is usually more intimate and less formal than a bridal shower.

HenInvites How to Organise a Great Hen Party

When organising a hen party, you will need to decide on the theme. You should know the bride and how she is like. The bride could be outgoing and wild, or sexy but a little shy. Devils and angels, playboy bunnies, sexy nurses and nuns, and celebrities could be the theme of the hen party. Make sure that the bride and the other guests are comfortable with the chosen theme.

You should also know the bride’s hobbies and interests. Get ideas for the party activities based on her interests. Perhaps she enjoys getting massages, which means you can invite masseuses for a pampering session during the party.

hen11 How to Organise a Great Hen Party

Other activities such as truth or dare, and spin the bottle could be played with adult twists for added fun. Do not forget the food and drinks, as no party would be complete without. The key to make a hen party a success is to ensure that everyone, especially the bride is having the time of their lives.

HenHat How to Organise a Great Hen Party

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A bridesmaid is an important person in a wedding. Some brides even have more than one bridesmaid other than her maid of honour.

bridesmaids Responsibilities of a Bridesmaid

The bridesmaid helps the bride in planning the wedding. She assists the maid of honour with bridal shower and hen night. She also helps the bride with errands on the big day.
Crafty brides may need her bridesmaids to help in making DIY wedding favours and decorations, and they will help in arranging the wedding favours as well.

On the big day, the bridesmaids will help with organising or assisting with makeup and hair.
Bridesmaids are expected to bear the expenses for their dresses, accessories, travel and accomodation, although sometimes the bride will cover the expenses. More often than not, bridesmaids will share the expenses for the bridal shower and hen night with the maid of honour.

bridesmaids in pink

Bridesmaids will attend pre-wedding parties and rehearsals. During the wedding procession, the bridesmaids will walk right after the bride. They will also stand near the bride during the ceremony.

At the reception, bridesmaids are seated with the bride and groom, and they are photographed as part of the party. They will also have a dance with the groomsmen. At the end of the night, the bridesmaids will help with clearing up, if needed.

bride and bridesmaid

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Thanking wedding guests is one of the important things to do after the big day. You can do this either during the wedding itself or a few days after.

On the wedding day itself, you can give out wedding favours to your guests. Popular wedding favors include scented candles, shot glasses, and stationeries. You can also go for personalised favours such as engraved silver trinkets like compact mirrors, key rings, and more. For Asian weddings, you can give out mini Chinese tea cups, engraved chopsticks and fortune cookies.

thank you favours How to Thank Your Wedding Guests

In addition to wedding favours, it is a good gesture to send out thank you notes to your wedding guests. The thank you notes or cards can be printed at home or professionally. You can also make your own cards and handmade cards are great as they are very personalised and special.

thank you card How to Thank Your Wedding Guests

If you had a photo booth set up during your wedding, you can print photos of your guests and send them together with the thank you cards. It will be a great surprise for your guests.

Poems, quotes and scripture can be printed on the thank you cards. Handwritten notes would be excellent as a personal token of gratitude.

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Typically, wedding invitations are sent out far in advance of the wedding, you know that family and close friends will remember your wedding, but how do you make sure that others will remember the day? There are very tactful ways in which to help your guests remember the wedding, because when you plan a wedding, you make provisions for the number of guests, so you definitely want them to show.

One of the best ways to make sure your invitation does not get lost, is to include a magnet in the invitation that the receiver can place on their refrigerator, which they will see every day as the wedding draws near. It serves as a constant reminder and sears the date into their minds. Moreover, you can customize these magnets with a picture of you and your groom, which is even more of a reminder to the guests.

personalised save the date magnet

Invitations are beautiful, but they are also cards that can easily be put aside and forgotten about, especially by those that do not see the bride and groom regularly.

Moreover, you can place a link inside your invitation and have the recipient register online of their attendance, when they do, an email will be sent to them counting down the days until the wedding.

You can also have a database of your guest lists along with their email addresses and send them reminders as the date draws near, in a tactful way. This way they remember to save the date and it keeps your wedding fresh in their minds.

You can choose to send out the formal invitations to everyone and then as the date gets closer, send the save the date magnets, because this will remind everyone to be there. This is especially important because people get busy and fail to write events down and you definitely do not want this with your wedding!

save the date card


Wedding flowers are one of the greatest ways that flowers are used, and choosing the right kind of flowers for your wedding is something that you and your guests will remember for years. You have many decisions to make when it comes to wedding flowers, such as choosing live flowers or silk flowers. Traditionally, weddings always consisted of live flowers, but if you are having your wedding out of seasons for specific flowers you want, then silk flowers may be a nice alternative.

There are dozens of combinations of wedding flowers you can choose from depending on the time of year you are marrying. Regardless if you are having a huge wedding or a small one, no wedding is complete without flowers. Many brides spend a lot of time choosing their perfect wedding dress, but when it comes to flowers, they let someone else choose them and later are disappointed.

FLOWERS Flowers in your wedding

Therefore, to avoid disappointments the bride and groom need to take part in the planning of the wedding flowers, and make sure that the flowers match the theme of your wedding. This is crucial because you have a theme and the flowers do not match it, everyone will remember this for years. On the other hand, if your flowers match your wedding theme, it will also be something that people talk about for years.

You need to meet with several flower suppliers so that you can choose the one that you have the most confidence in, and you might want to get some references or at least know how long the company has been in business and find some reviews on their work. The last thing you want to worry about is if the wedding flower supplier is not on the same page as you and ends up delivering the wrong flowers to the church. Therefore, take some time to research the flowers you want as well as the supplier to ensure you have the perfect wedding day, with the perfect flowers.


When it comes to weddings, most little girls dream of their fairytale wedding from an early age. When the time comes for them to marry, they want the fairytale wedding, which means lots of planning, suppliers, catering contracts, and live entertainment at the reception. Of course, even if you have budgetary constraints, you can still have a fairytale wedding.
In the UK, many old castles host weddings and can truly make the bride feel like a princess on her wedding day. To prepare the guests for the type of wedding you are planning to have, when you send out the invitations, sprinkle a little fairy dust inside, as this will let them know what they can expect.
Moreover, you can choose to have a Cinderella themed wedding, or a royalty type of wedding theme. The possibilities are endless, but if you are choosing a Cinderella theme, you will need the colours in blue, white, and gold, for the perfect theme. Transporting the bride to the castle or church should be done via horse and carriage with white ponies for the absolute fairytale.

Fairytale theme1 Fairytale Themed Weddings

The bride can choose a ball-gown wedding dress that includes embroidered blue crystals, which is stunning for any bride going after the fairytale theme. The groom should be in a tuxedo in black along with the bow tie and black cummerbund. Bridesmaids of course would wear ball-gowns in blue, and the flowers could be orchids and roses. Men taking part in the wedding party should be in black tuxedos and have the blue cummerbunds.
If you are having a winter wedding, you could include beautiful ice sculptures, ice glass slipper, gold balloons that have white and blue opaque. Of course, the reception for a fairytale wedding would have to be in a castle, which the lots of Champagne, elegant catered foods, deserts, and of course the wedding cake, which could be made into a castle. The possibilities for a fairytale wedding are endless and definitely memorable.


image 1

Many people wonder why someone would choose to have a winter wedding, but it is not so hard to figure out when you consider that everything is much cheaper in the winter months. Let’s face it, spring and summer weddings is when everyone typically gets married, so everything is very expensive, but choosing a winter wedding will get you much more for much less!

image 2

You do not have to plan the wedding in the coldest part of the winter, even the beginning or end of winter will save you a lot of money on the entire bash, which of course, means many people are able to afford their fairytale wedding. Wedding event planners and suppliers are readily available to you in the winter months, whereas from June to September of each year, suppliers are so busy with all the weddings, that you barely get any personal attention.
The best way to get what you want in your winter wedding is to come to the suppliers with your budget in mind. For instance, what can you afford for flowers, remember, in the winter months, you may be getting flowers at 50 percent off what it would cost for a summer wedding.
On another thought, if money is not your reasoning for a winter wedding, you can go all by having an ice bar at the reception and many other ice sculptures that are to give your winter wedding the perfect backdrop.

image 3

In addition, with a winter wedding, you can dress warmer, which means more accessories to keep you warm, such as faux fur boleros or capes.
Regardless of your reasons for having a winter wedding, you can have a very unique bash or you can have it in the winter months to save a great deal of money and have the wedding you have dreamed of, because less is more for winter weddings.

image 4

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Turning 16 is a pivotal time in a young girls life, therefore having a party to celebrate the milestone is fitting. When it comes to sweet 16′s, there are several themes parents can choose from that may seem overwhelming, but keeping a few aspects to the party in mind, helps to make the right choices.
First, you will need to check with the birthday girl to see what her favourite theme might be for her sweet 16 party. You can choose to have the birthday girl involved in the planning of her party or you can choose to surprise her, which works well if you are sure of the theme she likes. In other words, parents would not want to throw a sweet 16 party based on their own likes, because the birthday girl will be surprised, but not in a best way.

sweet 16 favours

Therefore, decide how you want to proceed, either having her involved in the process of planning the party, or making it a complete surprise. Moreover, you will need to think about where you are going to have the sweet 16 party at, because there are many different venues you can choose. This may depend on your budget, number of guests, and the likes of the recipient.
There are many different themes when it comes to sweet 16 parties, and they are all special in their own right, but you want to choose a bash that will be remembered for many years in the future. She only turns 16 one time and it is a very important time in her life, so making the party perfect, fun, exciting, and entertaining is something that everyone attending will remember for many years to come. By careful planning, your daughter can have a very memorable sweet 16 party regardless of your budget.


The wedding reception is a time directly after the wedding for your friends and family to gather to offer well wishes for the bride and groom. It is also a time for celebration because the new couple is starting their lives together. There are many ways of having a wedding reception, but of course, one of the top considerations with any reception is the available budget since this will dictate where the reception is held, who will cater it, and the style of decorating.

Typically, the wedding reception is an event booked well into the future, so you have a chance to know what your budget allows for and then you can plan accordingly.

image1 Wedding Receptions

Depending on the main colours of your wedding, the reception can reflect the very same colours, which makes the entire event that much more special and appreciative for both you and your guests.
Think about the venue, again, this normally has to do with your budget, but most receptions are held in hotels, banqueting suites, restaurants, or single standing structures.

image 2

In addition, you will need to decide on the food that is catered, it can be very simple if you budget does not allow extravagant foods, or it can be an all-out bash with many different types of foods from a more expensive caterer.
In addition, the wedding reception is also, where the bride and groom cut the wedding cake, which is something that is also a planned event.

image 3

Wedding cakes come in all sizes, colours, styles, and prices; therefore, you will need to decide what you want and how much you can afford. Often the wedding cake is a very symbolic gesture of the couple, so you want to make sure you spend enough money on the cake to make it memorable for both the couple and the wedding guests.

image 4

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