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Organising a hen party is typically the duty of the maid of honour. Not to be confused with a bridal shower, a hen party or hen night is usually more intimate and less formal than a bridal shower.

HenInvites How to Organise a Great Hen Party

When organising a hen party, you will need to decide on the theme. You should know the bride and how she is like. The bride could be outgoing and wild, or sexy but a little shy. Devils and angels, playboy bunnies, sexy nurses and nuns, and celebrities could be the theme of the hen party. Make sure that the bride and the other guests are comfortable with the chosen theme.

You should also know the bride’s hobbies and interests. Get ideas for the party activities based on her interests. Perhaps she enjoys getting massages, which means you can invite masseuses for a pampering session during the party.

hen11 How to Organise a Great Hen Party

Other activities such as truth or dare, and spin the bottle could be played with adult twists for added fun. Do not forget the food and drinks, as no party would be complete without. The key to make a hen party a success is to ensure that everyone, especially the bride is having the time of their lives.

HenHat How to Organise a Great Hen Party

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