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Many people wonder why someone would choose to have a winter wedding, but it is not so hard to figure out when you consider that everything is much cheaper in the winter months. Let’s face it, spring and summer weddings is when everyone typically gets married, so everything is very expensive, but choosing a winter wedding will get you much more for much less!

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You do not have to plan the wedding in the coldest part of the winter, even the beginning or end of winter will save you a lot of money on the entire bash, which of course, means many people are able to afford their fairytale wedding. Wedding event planners and suppliers are readily available to you in the winter months, whereas from June to September of each year, suppliers are so busy with all the weddings, that you barely get any personal attention.
The best way to get what you want in your winter wedding is to come to the suppliers with your budget in mind. For instance, what can you afford for flowers, remember, in the winter months, you may be getting flowers at 50 percent off what it would cost for a summer wedding.
On another thought, if money is not your reasoning for a winter wedding, you can go all by having an ice bar at the reception and many other ice sculptures that are to give your winter wedding the perfect backdrop.

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In addition, with a winter wedding, you can dress warmer, which means more accessories to keep you warm, such as faux fur boleros or capes.
Regardless of your reasons for having a winter wedding, you can have a very unique bash or you can have it in the winter months to save a great deal of money and have the wedding you have dreamed of, because less is more for winter weddings.

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